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April 17 2015

December 12 2014

If you gonna design your home then 3d floor plans are the best options. As these gives you clear view of your dream house how it looks. Hire 2d/3d plans services for your home. Contact us know to more benefits of 3d plans.

December 11 2014

Superior Magento Design & Development Company India

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November 26 2014

Know what are the tools to detect duplicate content on web and how will you overcome from these issues. Also explore how copied content affect your website in SERP.

November 14 2014

What are Best Tools to Detect and Overcome Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content are the common issue in web. But do you know what the causes for copied content are and how to overcome with this? As duplicate content also harms business reputation. We Netgains.org help you to overwhelm with this problem. Contact us to know more.

November 06 2014

Looking for Web Design Companies in India

Whether you are looking for a Codeigniter developer, architecture 3d drawing, internet marketer or any website designer, then contact us. We Netgains have skilled professional that understands and fulfill your project’s needs.

September 08 2014

Get 3D Animation For CT Scan Medical System. Take benefits of 3d drawing & other services at best rates only at Netgains.

August 25 2014

Know What’s more important? Website Speed Or Responsive Design

Do you know what’s are the important for a website to rank higher in SERP? No, Site speed and responsive design are some of the important factors which search engine consider when ranking any website. Know which feature has more impact on others.

August 13 2014

Xamarin: A revolution in cross platform development unleashed

Xamarin is an excellent product which has brought revolution in the field of software development. It is the one which brings the .net and c# to both Android as well as ios. It is good to know that in spite being fully .net; it is capable in producing true Android as well as ios apps at the same point of time. This simply means that it holds the capability to fulfill the distribution requirements of the Google’s and ios own stores.

A brief intro into the working of Xamarin:

So, you have learned some bits about Xamarin, but are confused at its working.  Read on for clearing your doubts.

Basically Xamarin is based on top of mono touch. When we say that, we mean that with it, it gets possible to develop both ios and Android apps along c#. The ios of Xamarin does full ahead of time compilation which leads to this interoperability. As the compilation happens, there is produced an ARM binary which makes it compatible with Apple’s app store. “Xamarin. Androidtakes the benefit of Just in time compilation on the Android devices.

What is full ahead of time compilation?

Full Ahead of time compilation or AOT is the feature of the mono runtime code generator. Mono time code generator works in two modes. The first one is just-in-time compilation (also called JIT) and the second one is ahead of time compilation (also called AOT). AOT itself can be broken in two stages and the initial step calls for precompiling the assemblies. The second step is automatic and in it, the Mono runtime loads any precompiled code that has been generated.

Reasons supporting the use of Xamarin for ios and Android cross-platform development:

·         Lesser to understand and learn: Any experienced .net/c# developer would feel working at home along Xamarin. It makes one implement c# and does full implementation of the .net class libraries. New users of Xamarin are not forced to learn much and they need to learn only the C# language and one core set of classes that could be effective on both the platforms.

·         It leads to faster time to market as Xamarin reduces the development time commendably. If you want a faster way of development, then it can be trusted with ease.

·         There are fewer bugs- As it involves less writing down of the codes, there are chances of lesser bugs along Xamarin.

So, for cross platform development, believe on Xamarin and reduce the overall development time with ease. 

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October 24 2009

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Super Mario War 1.8 preview
via Super Mario War – New Version released
it`s so awesome to see this project alive and kicking after 5 (yes... FIVE) years. Two52 is an awesome developer, it`s unbelievably admirable  how much work he put in to smw.
also makes me want to finally release a new game. 
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September 28 2009

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August 06 2009

Super Mario War Wii Port

props to Tantric

Super Mario War Wiz Port

props to Pickle

January 11 2009

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Halloween Edition Teaser
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January 10 2009

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WOAH! PSP Slim playing Super Mario War
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Super Mario War Bomb Madness haha, looks like someone played with the sourcecode. (oh, well. just "cheat engine").
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Gameplay Video: Super Mario War -shadow vs luigi vs ninjakid vs blackmage
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